Thursday, 7 February 2008

Moment of madness

It was a moment of madness (last August - 2007) that led me to tell Jo about the TransRockies Run. I had been browsing the TransRockies (mountain biking) website when I saw a link to the running version of this event. I figured Jo doesn't do biking but she sure loves running - so I sent her a link. Ever since then she's been keen for us to enter this event (in 2008).

The TransRockies Run is a (approx) 120 mile race over the Rockies, over 6 days.
Last week Jo entered us into the event - and got a confirmation (yikes!).

Now, let's put this into perspective. Jo and I started running in late 2005. We both did the London marathon in 2006. Jo decided distance wasn't "her thing", so I did the Helsinki marathon in 2007 (it destroyed me), while she concentrated on 10k races. So what makes us think we can run 120 miles in 6 days, over mountains?

Simple really - we are team "Can Do Sandhu". We are confident that if we apply ourselves to the correct training then there's no reason why we cannot physically and mentally overcome a challenge of this magnitude. (Ask me again at the end of August when we have to run several marathons in a row....and did I mention the mountains?).

Regarding the training - well, we've adopted a training plan from the TransAlps website and tailored it to our particular needs:

We think the biggest problem will be the little know hills called the Rockies (did I mention these?), especially since we live in London (UK). London has no hills, unless you count the bridges over the river (or Greenwich Park). So not sure how we're going to get the hill training in. Also there will be the issue of altitude but I don't think we can do anything about that - we'll just have to make sure we're fit :(

Going forward the aim in to do weekly postings (time permitting) highlighting how the training in going. We'll also try to post some of the numbers behind the training (i.e. resting heart rates and weight).
So not sure who will find this blog useful - really the blog is our personal diary (so we don't make the mistake of entering the same event again next year!). Hopefully other people will find it useful too.

Goodbye for now,
Sat & Jo


Blogger dave boy said...

Hi you Guys - just don't expect Maz & I to come training with you when we visit Chez Docks We will stay in looking after Lily OK
see you both Thursday
bye for now
Love Maz & Dave XXXXX

11 February 2008 at 11:19  

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