Friday, 8 February 2008

End of week 1...not quite!

Having run 34km already this week we still have a 15km run to do on Sunday. Someone at work has just asked me what I'm doing this weekend, I explained all the social stuff like going to Cardiff tomorrow to see sis-in-law Am to celebrate her 50th birthday, and then surprised myself by saying that we've ONLY got a 15km run to do on Sunday (I had thought it was 20km so 15 came as a nice surprise!) I don't expect I'll be saying that after 7 months of upto 100km per week training.

The great thing about all this training is that Sat told me (so it must be true!) that we should eat whenever we're hungry. Brill! Although there is a lot of healthy stuff being consumed. I've never eaten so much fruit in all my life, so if you see a banana-like figure trotting along the Thames, do say hello as it's probably me! :-)




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