Monday, 11 February 2008

Week 2 - A Routine Routine?

Week 1 ended on a high. We spent a fabulous weekend in Cardiff which included a lovely trek on Saturday afternoon. The weather was glorious and the scenery spectacular. So after building up a well-deserved appetite it was only natural to follow this with champagne and a surprise family dinner to celebrate (Sat's sister) Am's 50th birthday earlier in the week.

After dinner it was all back to Am's place for present opening and birthday cake. We had previously agreed to not have dessert, but our sister-in-law (Parm) surpassed herself; the white chocolate cake was too good to resist :( We won't mention the spilt glass of red wine on the rug at the end of the night, the cursing that followed and the copious amounts of salt left to soak up the stains overnight...

Sunday morning we left Cardiff to head back to London knowing we still had a 15km run to do. But of course, we had to watch the Chelsea-Liverpool game first. As it ended 0-0 there's not much to say about the match so I won't (if Sat has anthing to say I'm sure he'll add his comments on here). We couldn't delay the inevitable any longer so we synchronised iPods and set off for a round trip from Tower Hill to Vauxhall Bridge and back again. I know this'll sound weird but we really did enjoy doing 15km on a Sunday evening in freezing cold February. Can't say why really but maybe it's just easier to run later in the day than first thing in a morning. So the end to a successful first full week of training.

For those of you who have decided to scrutinise our weekly progress schedule, I'll tell you now that I will probably be short of the required 7.5km every Monday since it's a slow recovery run following the long session on Sundays and my run into work is just about 6.5km - I figured the extra 1km wouldn't be too much of an issue?!? Anyway, it's week 2 now so here's hoping the weekly schedule of 15km on Weds and 12km on Thurs are now just routine.

Hasta luego mi amigos!


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