Monday, 28 July 2008

Week 25 Summary (21/07/2008 - 27/07/2008)

Weekly Totals:
Exercise Time: 11hrs 40mins
Running: 6x, 105.50km (65.1 miles)

Expended: 3515
Consumed: 2230 (Fat 30%, Carbs 50%, Protein 18%, Alcohol 1%)

Weight: 87.4kg
Body Fat(%): 17.5

HRrest: 56
HRmax: 180 (estimated)


Blogger Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Sat and Jo,
Hope all is well and you are relaxed and rejuvenated post-holiday! Jo - get yourself fixed up and you'll be good to go.

Ah....yes. The gear bag. That was my biggest obsession as well post-race. I packed and repacked to squeeze it all in, with my luxury item being the biggest, fattest sleeping pad I could find. Oh and a bottle of scotch. The bag is huge (Almost 70cm x 35 and 33cm tall with 2 huge side pockets for shoes) I had no problem filling it and had to leave lots behind. The thing was so heavy I could barely lift it by myself and it took two of us to carry it each day to and from the campsight!!

Aid stations?? They really varied every day. The night before they give you an exact profile of the course and distances and where the aid stations are located, so you can decide what you want to carry. I carried my own food with me every day and a 2 litre bladder. Yet some people carried just the hand held bottles and refilled at the aid stations.

Any other questions? Just ask!


31 July 2008 at 02:49  

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