Thursday, 21 February 2008

First Little Hic-Up

I play 5-a-side football every Tuesday lunchtime....I knew I couldn't continue this activity for too long as there was always a risk of injury. Although, having said that, I've been played almost every week for the past 19 years and only picked up about 5 injuries. But I know it's sod's law that the injuries always occur at the most inopportune time (like a few days before skiing), so I knew I was pushing my luck.

Anyway - I as luck would have it, I got injured on Tuesday :(
It was a shocking foul and the player should have got sent off, but the referee at Powerleague bottled it...and just told him off (ooohhh)....grrrr

I was pretty worried about the injury on Tuesday; I seriously thought I had broken the foot as the trunk of the foot was causing me some serious pain (as well as the sprained ankle). The foot pretty much throbbed all of Tuesday night, but I was lucky I was able to work from home on Wednesday. This allowed me to rest it, elevate it and ice it regularly. The trunk of the foot no longer hurts but the foot is pretty badly sprained.

So, although I'm injured I think I'm quite lucky the injury wasn't serious and has happened very early in the training (and it's made me realise I cannot continue playing contact sports if I want to take the TransRockies Run seriously).

I'm a quick healer - I wouldn't be surprised if I am able to run on Sunday, and if not then I'll go to the gym and maybe do some swimming. Although if anyone has seen me swim then they would probably worry about me injuring myself with my wayward swim strokes (think monkey having high voltage going through it's body while trying to stay afloat....and that's me on a good day!).

I guess the next big question is when should I start a moratoriam on mountain biking?!


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