Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hello world!!

I must confess I do get a buzz out of looking at our blog page's stats and finding we have readers from all over the world, other than just the UK. Hopefully they are genuine readers and not looking for a Rocking Transvestites website!!! So please feel free to post so that we know something about our readers. Unfortunately we don't have any readers in Asia or Africa but I'm trying to change that by plugging our site on Indian running blogs....no luck yet through :(

The Americans are our most frequent overseas readers, which I guess is to be expected. I'm hoping to get a reader from each US state, currently we have readers from about 10 states....so please spread the link to your friends ;)
Also, I guess we're cheating a little because we're getting readers from several South American countries - but this is just because Gill and Andy are currently travelling around South America. I think they might be our only readers South of USA.

The rest of Europe is slowly showing interest in the blog, but what I'm really pleased about is our small contingent of readers in Australia - G'day mates (er...sorry!!)

Anyway - hopefully we'll have a few new readers in the coming weeks as we've just been mentioned in the TransRockies Run March newsletter. Sorry Jo...I know it's not a great photo of us, but we don't seem to have many photos with the two of in...seven years of hell/bliss/marriage and we've only got about seven photos of us together...are you trying to tell me something?!! :o

The newsletters also mentions a couple of other teams taking part in this years run. I am drawn to Team Knuckleheads (link to their blog on the right). Team Knuckleheads consists of two guys, Fred and George who are both over 50 years old, 54 and 55 respectively. That's what I call inspiration. They will be 15 years older than me and I suspect I will be chasing their tail up the mountains in August :(

Inspiration is found everywhere you look - if you care to look. For example, doing that horrid trek last weekend with my sister. She's fifty and easily held her own on the walk, even though she's nursing an ankle injury. I must confess though, I get most of my inspiration from the likes of Dean Karnazes and Joe Simpson, as they "were" mere mortals like us until action and circumstance (respectively) turned them into something much much more.

Inspiration, however, doesn't have to come from the superhumans of this world like Lance Amstrong (or Dean Karnazes or Joe Simpson), it exists in our own backyards...amongst mere mortals.


Blogger Freddi14 said...

Thanks for the kind words in your blog. I hope the legs hold-up. Right now they feel pretty good. But August is a long way off. The weight vest is 20lbs you will have to convert to Kilos???

You actually inspired me with your blog. And that why I started up our blog. I am just learning this blogging stuff. I am enjoying meeting people this way.

I use to spend time in the UK. I work for a UK bank for 10 years. So I enjoyed reading some of your running routes.

2 April 2008 at 01:44  

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