Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Week 6 Summary (10/03/2008 - 16/03/2008)

Weekly Totals:
Exercise Time: 4:22
Running: 3x, 37.67km

Calorie Averages (daily):
Expended: 2926
Consumed: 2442 (Fat 34%, Carbs 43%, Protein 19%, Alcohol 4%)

Weight: 95.2kg
Body Fat(%): 25.0

RestHR: 46
MaxHR: 181 (estimated)


Blogger Geepster said...

Hi Guys

Sorry it´s been a while since we posted a comment - some of the pcs we´ve had access to of late have been hopelessly slow.

Really pleased to see (and also hear - great to speak to you the other day :) ) that Sat had a fantastic birthday. We´re just really sorry we couldn´t be there to celebrate with you.

What altitude will you be running at for the TransRockies? We felt very rough for the first day at just over 4000m and doing a walk involving a 600m climb really took it out of us. Talk about feeling like we´d hit a brick wall! It did get easier the longer we spent at altitude but the headaches could still come on pretty quickly (we didn´t have a flask of coca tea to hand!). The thought of running a marathon distance at that altitude did absolutely nothing for us so, once again, well done on your excellent preparations for such a huge physical and mental challenge.

Lots of love
Gill and Andy

24 March 2008 at 23:27  

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