Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Girl Power!

I thought Sat was getting far too much air-time on this blog so time for me to step in again!

After the minor setback of a head cold last week, this week I'm back to full fitness. The 15km run into work today was really enjoyable - just as it's meant to be. It definitely helps having Sat for company as we can use the time to catch each other up on stuff that we either don't have time to talk about in the evening or even to plan future runs and events together.

Another bonus this week is that, Freya, from the charity I'm raising funds for, Macmillan Cancer Support, contacted me earlier this week following a recent email I'd sent letting them know our escapades. Freya told me that Macmillan are very keen to provide me with as much support and guidance on fund-raising as possible. The promise of some PR and a running vest and I was a happy bunny! All I can say, is that anyone who's sponsored me already, or planning to - watch out - I am now armed with a whole array of clever money-raising ideas which I'm preparing to roll out over the coming weeks - resistance is futile! So please did deep and sponsor either/both of us as all the money Sat and I raise will make a big difference to our chosen charities - the links to our pages and to the charities themselves are just here to the right. ->

Thanks to everyone involved in supporting us so far. It means an enormous amount to us and gives us even more motivation.

Hasta luego amigos!


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