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Over the past few weeks Jo has confirmed just how much character she's got. I'm pretty confident that only a serious injury or illness would stop Jo being able to complete the TransRockies Run - as she's been through quite a baptism of pain recently.

Jo skimmed over our 6 half-marathons - so I thought I'd elaborate a bit more on the suffering.

We decided to run the six consecutive halves because it would be good experience and it would be good mental training - we didn't really feel there was much to gain physically this late in the training but there was plenty of mental toughness to be gained. I don't think we realised just how much mental toughness Jo was going to have to use in order to do these runs.

On the Friday before we started the six runs (2nd August) Jo went to the dentist, to have yet another root canal drilling session on her troublesome tooth. The tooth's been giving Jo trouble for most of the year - and it has got progressively worse in the past two months.

So she was in pain on Friday night - hence didn't get much sleep, but we still ran the half-marathon on Saturday. Then, on Saturday night, Jo was sick - we think that was down to the after effects of the anesthetics pumped into her by the dentist as well as the anti-biotics she was on. So after not much sleep again, we managed to head out the door for the 2nd half-marathon.

The runs themselves were pretty easy but Jo's leg was giving her considerable pain especially at the start of the run - starting at about a nine (out of ten) in the pain scale, but eventually going down to about a four. The real problem, however, was her tooth - pretty much she didn't sleep all week that we did the six half-marathons. The painkillers only seem to give Jo about a 2 hour respite - and then the next lot would take an hour to only two hours of sleep at a time.

So as you can imagine, getting up at 5am on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was pretty difficult. I found it mega hard - and I managed to get some sleep, so not sure how Jo did it. It was good that we did these runs; the runs gave Jo confidence with regards to her leg pain - we know if we start slowly then eventually the pain will subside.

After a week of serious toothache (sometimes up to ten on the pain scale) Jo had had enough - it was time for the tooth to come out. So on the Friday after the runs she was back at the dentist getting the bloody thing removed. Unfortunately that still wasn't the end of the pain...last weekend Jo was still in agony. I ran on Sunday (a fast 10km) but Jo didn't - not a problem really as we were considering starting our taper anyway.

Yesterday Jo was back at the dentist - and he stuffed her empty tooth socket full of some special material laced full of helpful drugs. It's working. Last night was the first time Jo's been pain free for weeks - she's managed to get a full nights sleep and is now smiling again.

I had tooth ache about a month or so ago and after a couple of days I was ready to set to with a pair of pliers, so I'm not sure how Jo's managed to carry on after several weeks of constant pain.

I'm sure Jo wont mind me saying, but I don't think a year or so ago Jo would have been as strong. I remember when we first started running - training for the London Marathon 2006. Jo was racked with self-doubt - which led to quite a few arguments and tantrums while we trained. Even after we completed the marathon Jo was still lacking in confidence in her abilities - she clearly stated she had no desire to run marathon distances again.

There's no way that that Jo would have been looking forward to doing 110miles in the Rockies. The turning point was when Jo went on a Tony Robbins course.

Since that weekend long Life Coaching course, and some subsequent Life Coaching, Jo's been a transformed person - so much more positive. I think these days she reflects the confidence that I always felt she should have - maybe walking on hot coals does that to a person. It's now even got to the stage where she is a Life Coach - she has a passion for wanting other people to reach for their potential and is now slowly building up a client base.

So if you're reading this and feel there's more you want from life, then give Jo a shout. I'm pretty sure she can help you unlock your potential - after all, she's managed to find the key to unlocking hers.

Less than two weeks to go to the TransRockies Run....getting excited and nervous now :)


Blogger J-one said...

Y'all are just now getting nervous?? I've been in high panic for a couple of weeks now :-)
Looking fwd to meeting you guys in CO. When do you arrive?

14 August 2008 at 16:58  
Blogger Sat Sandhu said...

Hi Judy,

I guess now that we're not so busy running we're finding more time to stress!!

We arrive Friday 22nd - landing at Denver at 18:25. Waiting for transfer company to confirm they can serve us...they're going to confirm on the 20th. Which is leaving it a bit late - hence really adding to the stress! :(

Staying at Best Western in Buena Vista (same as Fred and George).

How about you?

14 August 2008 at 17:02  
Blogger J-one said...

We arrive Denver in the morning on the 22nd. Also waiting to find out about transport. They didn't tell me when they would reply -- I think I'll call them tomorrow afternoon.
Couldn't get in to the Best Western (rooms on Friday and Saturday but not Sunday - surprise) so am appx. 4 blocks away at a Bed and Breakfast called Adobe Inn.
How about we all try and hook up on Saturday?

14 August 2008 at 22:52  
Blogger Trail Goat said...

Hey Sat,
Tomorrow morning I fly out to Colorado, where I'll be pacing someone for the final 40 or 50 miles of the Leadville 100.... supposedly it's going to snow a bit! I should post a bit about the experience early next week. I'm getting really excited for TRR!

16 August 2008 at 05:55  
Blogger Sat Sandhu said...

Hi Trail Goat,

Enjoy the pacing at the Leadville 100 - you nutter ;)

A "bit" of snow would be "fun" - right!!?

See you soon
Sat (& Jo)

16 August 2008 at 20:23  

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