Thursday, 7 August 2008

Six of the best!

Bit of a misnomer the title of this posting as I don't think they were 6 of our best runs but collectively they were the most challenging. Basically we've just completed 6 half marathons in 6 consecutive days - phew! We started last Saturday so at least the first couple were done at a reasonable time of day. The last 4 had to be squeezed in before work so we've been up by 5am each day. Are we looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow!?! Absolutely.

Each of these runs had it's highs and lows and there's no need for me to go into any real level of detail, the main thing now is the sense of achievement and the fact that it signified the culmination of our training and now the tapering starts - yeehaw! We've got a final 20km scheduled for Saturday but after that the runs become fewer and shorter and although that'll give my leg a chance to heal a bit more, there's also a sense of anticipation building that the time to put all this training to the test is fast approaching.

This was just a short posting to celebrate the 6 in 6 - made even more poignant by Sat seeing the double-Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes out for a run with a friend this morning. I'd read Kelly's autobiography, "Black, White and Gold", shortly after we'd started our training regime and was inspired by her level of commitment and mental strength especially with all the injuries she suffered and the way she came back even stronger to win Olympic gold. With this in mind, and the Olympics opening ceremony tomorrow, I think it's a sign (in fact, even as I'm typing this, Kelly's on a TV show that we've got on which is obviously why she's in London today). I don't mean we're going to win the TransRockies (although I'm sure my parents would be telling me to aim high!) but I think our preparation and training plan has done the job and got us to where we need to be.

Stay tuned for our last 2 weeks before the big event!

Jog on...


Blogger dave boy said...

Aim High Fight Shy ,not long now sorry to hear about the pain Joanne has endured with her tooth problem We hope all is behind you and your fit as butchers dogs.
PS Maz has won twice at BINGO
Bye for now Love Maz/Dave XX

13 August 2008 at 15:32  
Blogger Jo Sandhu said...

At least a butcher's dog has 4 legs - that'd be a distinct advantage at the moment.

I hope Blackpool hasn't ruined my mother and made her a bingo addict although I'm guessing she's not won millions otherwise you'd have said (assuming she'd have told you!).

The tooth issue has forced early tapering but the positive is that it's been good for shedding those few extra pounds but I'm sure they'll be back on just as quickly as they came off!

13 August 2008 at 20:45  

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