Monday, 18 August 2008

Week 28 Summary (11/08/2008 - 17/08/2008)

Weekly Totals:
Exercise Time: 1hrs 47mins
Running: 2x, 16.43km (10.1 miles)
Longest Run: 10.53km (6.5 miles)

Expended: 2491
Consumed: 2256 (Fat 30%, Carbs 52%, Protein 17%, Alcohol 1%)

Weight: 86.0kg
Body Fat(%): 18.0

HRrest: 56
HRmax: 180 (estimated)

This will be my last "Weekly Summary" posting - phew!! ;)
I will try and do a summary of the race week after our return, but then going forward I'll switch to doing monthly summaries instead.

Looks like I didn't manage to get down to the 80kg weight I had hoped to get down to - but dropping down from 103kg to 86kg is pretty good. I am pleased with that (especially the 10% reduction in body fat). I have an off-road marathon to run at the end of October - I'll be aiming to get my weight down to 80kg for that.


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