Saturday, 23 August 2008

We're not alone

Well, we've made it to Buena Vista! We've met several other teams, all from the US or Canada so far, and it's been great to share stories and experiences with other crazies like us rather than bore family, friends and colleagues!

The journey to Colorado was pretty uneventful. The flight was a bit delayed and took longer than expected due to a strong headwind for most of the way but we were well fed and watered on British Airways thanks mainly to our sister-in-law, Parm, getting us an upgrade to business class. Thanks Parm! x

There's a big Democratic convention going on in Denver this weekend so it was no surprise to see Lord David Steel on the flight with us - about 3 seats over from where we were.

Our pickup from Denver was shared with another couple, Team Herbalife, Juliet and Howard. They clearly have lots of long-distance running under their belts and it was great to pick up a few tips from them, especially as Juliet had done this race last year too. We checked into the Best Western around 10.30pm. It had been a long day but it was good to climb into bed knowing the adventure was already underway!

This morning we were up by 7am, we didn't have any specific plans for the day but we were hoping to hook up with some of the other guys we've been in contact with over the past few months. We didn't have to wait long. At breakfast we met Fred and George - Team Knuckleheads. Two laidback guys who are very easy to get along with. So much so that we agreed to head out for a little 5km jog within 30 minutes of meeting them! We also met Team Achilles Heals (Christine and Kendra) who had just arrived from Toronto.

It was already 62 degrees when we set off at for our mini-run about 9am and it continued to hot up. It was a good opportunity to see how we felt at 8000ft. Breathing was a little laboured but we stayed well hydrated and felt good afterwards. We found a great place for breakfast where we were joined by Sjohn and Mimi - Team Cheetah.

The 6 of us have hung out for the afternoon, checking out a dog agility competition (my mum would have loved it) and exploring the local area. We've met some of the organisers of TRR and introduced ourselves - quite surprised to hear how many people have been reading this blog. Our reputation definitely precedes us! We've had lunch (the prices here are so cheap compared to the UK) and this will be followed by a little siesta before we regroup and and catch up with Team Survivor (Judy and David) and head off for dinner. Eating, sleeping, running - what more could we want! It's been a great start to our adventure and if these first few hours are anything to go by, then we're going to have a blast!

BTW - if anyone's been trying to contact us, we have no mobile phone signal so we're unable to make/receive calls or texts.

Whip it on!


Blogger askim624 said...

I love your blog's good mix of humor, technical information, and the feeling readers are right there with you. What a wonderful event to do together as a couple. All the best, Amanda
PS: what are the cut off times like?

26 August 2008 at 19:02  
Blogger kipper said...

Thinking of you both and getting excited for you both. By now you have done your first day - hope all goes well team CanDo!!!
Loadsa love Am x

26 August 2008 at 21:02  
Blogger dave boy said...

just watched the first days video didn't see you guys in any of the shots.Seems if you had a Gore-Tex t shirt on you stood a chance.fantastic scenery Hope you are both well rested for stage 2

Bye for now
Love Max & Dave xxx

27 August 2008 at 09:25  
Blogger dave boy said...

Hi You Guys . found a couple of photos of you both on Team Knuckleheads Blog one perched on some rocks by a river and a second taken during a meal with about 8 other competitors.It's good to have buddies .
Bye for now
Love Maz & Dave

28 August 2008 at 10:01  
Blogger Geepster said...

Wow, five days down, just one to go!! Have been following your progress intently, but what do you have to do to get your photo in the official report? After 4 days you've done over 18 hours of running and you're still going. Have seen that some people are dropping out due to altitude sickness - sad, but just think how fantastic you are that you're still going strong. Enjoy the last day and look forward to relaxing at the end of it.

Lots of love
Gill & Andy

29 August 2008 at 18:58  
Blogger dave boy said...

Congratulation to you both on finishing this gruelling event.We are proud of you.You must be relieved and chuffed to have completed the run.Well done to make you even happier Saturdays result Hull City 0 Wigan Ath 5 [five] Bye for now Maz & Dave XXX

31 August 2008 at 15:46  
Blogger Geepster said...

It was so great to hear your voices on the phone last night to say that you had finished - had been checking for texts all evening! We celebrated your success with a shot of Icelandic Schnapps, so we suffered too! Hope you enjoyed your champagne at the finish line and that you can now relax for the next few days.
Loads of love
Gill and Andy

31 August 2008 at 19:13  

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