Monday, 1 September 2008

Quick Update

Well, we did it. Over 106 miles and 19,170 vertical feet of climbing (although we're sure it was more than that - it certainly felt like it!) and we are done. We've got the t-shirts and the blisters to prove we completed the TransRockies Run. We've had a blast the whole way, solely due to the lifelong friendships we forged along the way. We'd like to give particular mention to Team Knuckleheads, Team Cheetah and Team Achilles Heals - not forgetting the Old Goats!

It's been the toughest challenge we've faced so far, but the definite intention is to set our sights on bigger and better challenges in the future - there are many to choose from so watch this space while we figure it out...

In the meantime, we've spent the last day or so with Sat's brother, Satpal and his wife, Parm. We've had a great day making the most of the Labor Day sales and done lots of shopping and eating, followed by more shopping and eating!!!

Sat'll provide a day by day account of our adventure with plenty of photos over the next few days but we just wanted to let all our followers and supporters know that we'd succeeded in our quest and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Fred - hope you're very proud of yourself and we know it's tough having family commitments but we hope you continue to inspire others through your challenges
George - the main man! You've got bags of potential! The strength and support you demonstrated this week was immense - keep up the great work - the world is your lobster! Yum yum!!!
Sjohn - your words of wisdom and mantras were inspiring - "pain is expected, suffering is optional!" - carry that with you throughout life and you'll go far.
Mimi - what a foxy chick! Anyone who can run 107 miles, looking great and still wear 4 inch high heels for the finishers banquet rocks in my book!
Kendra - what can we say?? Your inner strength and self-belief are immense. Dora certainly is an exceptional explorer!
Christine - your drive and determination shone through that beguiling smile!
Old Goats - what inspiration for the younger generation. YOu lead by example and set the standard for us to follow.

Anyway, we've had enough champagne, mojitos and wine for one evening! We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's supported us before, during and after the event and this is just the start of things to come!



Blogger naiem said...

Just a quick note to congratulate you and Sat on completing the run. Saw some of the pictures on the web site, it must have been amazing.

Well done and look forward to hearing the stories.

1 September 2008 at 10:09  
Blogger kipper said...

Well done both! Cant wait to talk to you and get the verbal on it!
And loooaads of pictures of you both!
Love Big sis x

2 September 2008 at 19:39  
Blogger Steve Harvey (The Old Goat) said...

About that run along Hadrian's wall...

It was a pleasure to share the trails with you, except when you passed Doug and me during stage 5.

Annie has been talking about doing the Transalpine version... perhaps when I'm older!

4 September 2008 at 03:29  
Blogger Mimi Champion said...

Jo, you are such a gem and I'm so happy to have met you and Sat. You demonstrated such strength and leadership on our tough, tough climb to 12,500 feet. Thank you for pulling the rest of us up with you. (And Sat, thank you for knowing when she meant business.)

Glad to hear you were able to relax a bit with eating and shopping before heading home. I look forward to hearing about your next challenge and adventure (and maybe we'll even join you for a bit of it!)

Be well.

4 September 2008 at 17:54  
Blogger Georgie B said...

Hi Jo-Jo.... enjoyed your blog comments and your words of encouragement ! Sattie.... there is a need for additional commentary !

You guys are an absolute pleasure to be around.... your marital rhythm is amazing, your drive and tenacity is subtle but inspiring.

I really miss you both and regret that we couldn't debrief all of this over a pint in a Colorado Pub.
.... Seems like we have some unfinished business.

On several occasions Mimi suggested the London Marathon in the near future. I'm in for sure and I'm sure my partner in crime Alfred Maresca can be persuaded to compete as well... it will give us something to argue about !

Sat, I look forward to your novel regarding the experiencc. Please describe me as the old guy with ripped abs and a big....

.... Nose.

Be well and if you should ever find a reason to come back to the states, please let us know. Remember, I was quite serious when I offered the use of my Lake Cottage in Connecticut.... a good gateway to New England, a scenic and quite different part of the USA.

Cheers forever.

9 September 2008 at 02:01  
Blogger Sunshine Girl said...

Congrats Superstars!
I look forward to hearing your story from the trail, we all had a little adventure, didn't we?? It looks as though you made some friends along the way, which is always the best bonus of all on such a journey!! Congrats again on getting her done and hope you enjoyed the ride.


9 September 2008 at 06:49  
Blogger Sjohn said...

Jo and Sat,

What a treat it was for me to get to know the 2 of you and I look forward to traveling to London for the London Marathon in 2010…I believe that is when Mimi can fit it into her schedule. I might make it to London sometime in 2009 to visit my good friend Jennifer and Allie.

Jo, I am so grateful for you leading us on day 2. Day 2 was one of the most moving days for me, it was a perfect example of how we all got to TRR, with love and support from our family and friends. The one photo I will be purchasing is of the 8 of us running across the finish line holding hands, what an awesome memory, it still makes my eyes misty just thinking about it.

Take care and I hope to see you all in the near future.

Sjohn Jepsen

9 September 2008 at 19:34  
Blogger Jo Sandhu said...

Guys, thank you all for the great comments. Sat's been full of a cold this week so the epic posting has been on hold. He'll finish it get it published as soon as he's over the man-flu!

We are so appreciative of the great friendships we made with you all and we certainly hope we a)keep in touch but more importantly b) see each other again. George - the offer of a spare room here at Sandhu-Towers-On-The-Dock still stands!

There's something of a feeling of anti-climax now that it's all over since the last few months have been so focused on the TRR. So we need to decide what the 'next thing' is. I'm currently fluctuating between the TransAlpine (do I really want to do twice the distance and twice the climbing with an extra 2 stages???) or doing the TRR again. Not sure. The jury's out. What do you guys think?

Any of you getting a place in the London Marathon are also welcome to stay here. I've just checked the official website and the online entry ballot is closed so there are only charity places still available.

Hope you're all having fun being back at work!?!

Jo x

10 September 2008 at 20:43  
Blogger slowrunner said...

it was a pretty big bummer having to come back 'to reality'. i did a 26k trail race the weekend after TR and it almost killed me! what was i thinking???? oh well. plans are definitely in the works for transalps in 2010. it would be amazing if we could all manage it!!!!

'long may you run'
xxoo kendra

12 September 2008 at 16:15  
Blogger J-one said...

TRANSALPS?!? I don't know if 2010 is far enough away for that!!! What training regime would be sufficient prep for that?

However,getting back to work was a let down after all the training for TR. I'm having trouble getting a lot of running done and soon it will be dark by the end of the day. Need to find another near term challenge.
Look forward to Sat's full write up, having already read the Old Goats'.
All y'all are AWESOME runners.

15 September 2008 at 20:50  

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